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Continuing education

According to the definition of the ANVUR, the continuing education or professional training includes training courses carried out by the universities and governed by a convention (or equivalent formal act) between the university or department concerned and an external organization. These courses do not award university degrees.

The following activities, organized or participated by the Department of Humanities in the year 2019, are therefore attributable to continuing education:


International and interdisciplinary Summer School
Living with earthquakes. A strategic plan for the earthquake prone regions

Amandola, Montefortino, Falerone, Servigliano (FM), 12-21 July 2019.

"Living with Earthquakes / Vivere coi terremoti" is the motto of a research project and a summer school promoted by the Department of civil engineering, construction and architecture (DICEA) of the Università Politecnica delle Marche in collaboration with the University of Cambridge and conducted with a broad international partnership, including the Department of Humanities of the University of Macerata.


Summer School FORGE OF MEMORY | San Ginesio (MC), 11-14 September 2019.

This Summer School is an opportunity for interaction among teachers, students and young researchers, organized by the University of Macerata and by the G-Lab Laboratory of ideas association, with the support of the Municipality of San Ginesio and the patronage of the Marche Region, in order to create an opportunity for "field training" aimed at illustrating through seminars a path of research and critical engagement with the local documentation.